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Need Help?

We understand that some people may require some help, however, are fearful for their safety or want to remain anonymous.  We can work with you at a level of communication and information that you're comfortable with.

Our aim is not data collection, police intelligence, or anything else other than to provide you with some intervention and prevention protective factors to assist you, your family member, friend, or someone you care about, in pursuing a successful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

If you're looking for help, a bump in the right direction, or more information, please feel free to fill out the below and provide an e-mail address for us to continue to have communication with you - anonymously.

Gang Prevention Preliminary Assessment
Do you feel that you have negative influences in your life?
Do you feel a limited attachment to your community?
Do you feel a need for recognition or belonging?
Do you have poor parental supervision?
Do you suffer from alcohol or drug abuse?
Do you feel that you have poor educational or employment potential?

Thanks for submitting!

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